Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) - Assessment Variables:

Field Name


Field Values

Variable Summary

moca01_alternating_trail_making MOCA: 01. Alternating Trail Making    
moca02_visuoconstr_skills_cube MOCA: 02. Visuoconstructional Skills - Copy Cube    
moca03_visuoconstr_skills_clock_cont MOCA: 03. Visuoconstructional Skills - Draw Clock Contour    
moca05_visuoconstr_skills_clock_hands MOCA: 05. Visuoconstructional Skills - Draw Clock Hands    
moca_visuospatial_executive_subscore MOCA: Visuospatial And Executive Subscore   Visuospatial/Executive test points earned
moca06_naming_lion MOCA: 06. Naming - Lion    
moca07_naming_rhino MOCA: 07. Naming - Rhino    
moca08_naming_camel MOCA: 08. Naming - Camel    
moca_naming_subscore MOCA: Naming Subscore   Naming test points earned
moca09_attention_forward_digit_span MOCA: 09. Attention - Forward Digit Span    
moca10_attention_backward_digit_span MOCA: 10. Attention - Backward Digit Span    
moca_attention_digits_subscore MOCA: Attention Forward-Backward Repeat Lists Of Digits Subscore   Attention test - read list of digits points earned (1 digit per second)
moca11_attention_vigilance MOCA: 11. Attention - Vigilance   Attention test - Read list of letters test points earned
moca12_attention_serial_7s MOCA: 12. Attention - Serial 7s   Attention test - Serial 7 subtractions test points earned
moca13_sentence_repetition MOCA: 13. Sentence Repetition   Attention test - Serial 7 language repeat test points earned
moca14_verbal_fluency_number_of_words MOCA: 14. Verbal Fluency - Number Of Words    
moca15_verbal_fluency MOCA: 15. Verbal Fluency   Language test - Serial language fluency points earned
moca_language_subscore MOCA: Language Subscore    
moca16_abstraction MOCA: 16. Abstraction   Language test - Serial language abstraction points earned
moca_abstruction_subscore MOCA: Abstruction Subscore   Language test - Serial language abstraction points earned
moca17_delayed_recall_face MOCA: 17. Delayed Recall - Face    
moca18_delayed_recall_velvet MOCA: 18. Delayed Recall - Velvet    
moca19_delayed_recall_church MOCA: 19. Delayed Recall - Church    
moca20_delayed_recall_daisy MOCA: 20. Delayed Recall - Daisy    
moca21_delayed_recall_red MOCA: 21. Delayed Recall - Red    
moca_delayed_recall_subscore MOCA: Delayed Recall Subscore Uncued    
moca_delayed_recall_subscore_optnl_cat_cue MOCA: Delayed Recall Subscore Optional Category Cue   Delayed recall test optional with category cue points earned
moca_delayed_recall_subscore_optnl_mult_choice MOCA: Delayed Recall Subscore Optional Multiple Choice Cue   Delayed recall test optional with multiple choice cue points earned
moca_delayed_recall_subscore MOCA: Delayed Recall Subscore Uncued   Delayed recall test - with no cue points earned
moca22_orientation_date_score MOCA: 22. Orientation - Date Score    
moca23_orientation_month MOCA: 23. Orientation - Month    
moca24_orientation_year MOCA: 24. Orientation - Year    
moca25_orientation_day MOCA: 25. Orientation - Day    
moca26_orientation_place MOCA: 26. Orientation - Place    
moca27_orientation_city MOCA: 27. Orientation - City    
moca_orientation_subscore MOCA: Orientation Subscore   Orientation test points earned
education_12years_complete Indicator Of Whether Subject Has Completed 12 Years Of Education   Indicator of whether subject has completed 12 years of education
moca_total_score MOCA Total Score Summation Total points earned Montreal Cognicitve Assessment (MOCA)


Query Definition
MOCA table contains any cohort participants

Clinical Data Forms Queried (available as a BigQuery Table and csv File)

SELECT left(participant_id, 2) Cohort, count(distinct participant_id) Count from `amp-pd-research.2021_v2_5release_0510.MOCA` GROUP BY Cohort ORDER BY Cohort