Modified Schwab and England ADL

Modified Schwab & England ADL - Assessment Variables:

Field Name


Field Values

Variable Summary

mod_schwab_england_pct_adl_score Modified Schwab And England Percent ADL Score   Modified Schwab And England Percent ADL Score (MSEADLG)

Curation Notations:

  1. To harmonize with PPMI and BioFIND multiply score values by 100
  2. To harmonize with PDBP round up scores to the nearest 10. *File "Modified_Schwab_+_England_ADL.csv" contains ST, PW, U01 visits

Query Definition
Modified_Schwab___England_ADL table contains any cohort participants

Clinical Data Forms Queried (available as a BigQuery Table and csv File)

SELECT left(participant_id, 2) Cohort, count(distinct participant_id) Count from `amp-pd-research.2021_v2_5release_0510.Modified_Schwab___England_ADL` GROUP BY Cohort ORDER BY Cohort