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AMP PD has launched a public webinar series to showcase AMP PD workspaces in Terra

The AMP PD Terra Workspaces webinar series has grown tremendously over the past year, covering topics such as “Proteomics Fundamentals in R and Python”  and “APOE status across AMP PD subjects and cohorts” in addition to presentations of community workspaces by community contributors. 

These webinars have focused on showing attendees Terra workspaces that have been generated by the AMP PD program or contributed by members of the AMP PD Community. AMP PD generated workspaces orient users with what data is available and where, how to get it and how to use it. Community workspaces focus on specific biological questions that are asked of specific data sets. The most recent webinar presented by Dr. Ruifeng Hu (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School). Dr. Ruifeng Hu focused on utilizing differentially expressed genes as a way to create a Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis Classifier Model. 

The webinar series continues with “Determining Polygenic Risk Scores”, scheduled for August 10, 2022 and will be led by Dr. Mary Makarious (National Institute on Aging, Laboratory of Neurogenetics), and continues with “Getting Started with Proteomics and other AMP PD data” scheduled for September 14, 2022, led by Dr. Victoria Dardov (Technome) and WIlly Nojopranoto (Verily Life Sciences).

Register for upcoming webinars here!