Terra Platform

Terra Application

Terra is a product of the Broad Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Harvard Data Sciences Platform, and Verily Life Sciences. 

Terra is a cloud-native platform for biomedical researchers to access data, run analysis tools, and collaborate. The technical components include development of a controlled access AMP PD Knowledge Platform with considerations for data storage and management, standardized pipeline analyses for generation of processed datasets, and cloud collaborative project management. The Platform provides mechanisms for researchers to build, use and share packaged analytical methods and query tools, including Docker-based pipelines (e.g. for variant calling) and Jupyter notebooks (e.g. for visualization).

Terra Application Resources

Basics to get you up and running quickly on Terra

How-to guides on every step in the research journey, from data discovery to analysis


Introduces AMP PD specific summary data, notebooks, and resources on Terra

Data Explorer allows researchers to easily explore datasets

Tier 1: Clinical Data Explorer
Tier 2: Clinical and Omics Data Explorer

(Requires Tier 1 and Tier 2 Terra access)

Connect to the AMP PD Data Explorer through Terra Library to browse Tier 1 and Tier 2 Data