REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Questionnaire - Mayo

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Questionnaire (Mayo) - Assessment Variables:

Field Name


Field Values

Variable Summary

msq_info_source MSQ Source Of Information Informant
Subject served as Informant
Who was interviewed for this questionnaire
msq_interviewee_live_with_subject MSQ Live With Subject


Live with the subject indicator
msq_interviewee_sleep_same_room MSQ Sleep in the same room No
Sleep in the same room with the subject indicator
msq_distracting_sleep_behaviors MSQ Distracting sleep behaviors No
If no, is it because of his/her sleep behaviors (snores too loud, acts out dreams, etc.)
msq01_act_out_dreams MSQ Act Out Dreams Q1 No
The subject appears to ''act out his/her dreams'' indication
msq01a_act_out_years MSQ Act Out Years Q1a   Number of years the patient appear to ''act out his/her dreams'' while sleeping
msq01a_act_out_months MSQ Act Out Months Q1a   Number of months the patient appear to ''act out his/her dreams'' while sleeping
msq01b_patient_injured MSQ Patient injured Q1b No
The subject has been injured from ''act out his/her dreams'' while sleeping behaviors (bruises, cuts, broken bones) indicator
msq01c_bedpartner_injured MSQ Bedpartner Injured Q1c No
No bedpartner
A bedpartner been injured from the subject ''act out his/her dreams'' behavior indicator
msq01d_told_dreams MSQ Told Dreams Q1d No
The subject reported about dreams of being chased, attacked, or had to defend himself/herself
msq01e_dream_details_match MSQ Dream Details Match Q1e Never told you about dreams
The details of the subject's dream match the subject movements made while sleeping
msq02_legs_jerk MSQ Legs Jerk Q2 No
The subject's legs repeatedly jerk or twitch during sleep (not just when falling asleep) indicator
msq03_restless_legs MSQ Restless Legs Q3 No
The subject complains of a restless, nervous, tingly, or creepy-crawly feeling in legs which affects his ability to fall or stay asleep indicator
msq03a_leg_sensations_decrease MSQ Leg Sensations Decrease Q3a No
Unpleasant leg sensations decrease when the subject moves or walks around indicator
msq03b_time_leg_sensations_worst MSQ Time Leg Sensations Worst Q3b After 6pm
Before 6pm
Time when the unpleasant leg sensations are the worst
msq04b_walked_asleep MSQ Walked Asleep Q4 No
The subject was seen walking around the bedroom or house while asleep
msq05_snorted_awake MSQ Snorted Awake Q5 No
The subject snorted or choked him/herself awake indicator
msq06_stop_breathing MSQ Stop Breathing Q6 No
The subject stop breathing during sleep event indicator
msq06a_treated_for_stop_breathing MSQ Treated For Stop Breathing Q6a No
The subject is currently being treated for stop breathing during the sleep (CPAP) indicator
msq07_leg_cramps MSQ Leg Cramps Q7 No
The subject experienced leg cramps or intense pain in certain muscles in the leg at night indicator


MSQ Rate Of Alertness Q8 0; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10 The rate of the subject's general level of alertness for the past 3 weeks

Query Definition
REM_Sleep_Behavior_Disorder_Questionnaire_Mayo table contains any cohort participants

Clinical Data Forms Queried (available as a BigQuery Table and csv File)

SELECT left(participant_id, 2) Cohort, count(distinct participant_id) Count from `amp-pd-research.2021_v2_5release_0510.REM_Sleep_Behavior_Disorder_Questionnaire_Mayo` GROUP BY Cohort ORDER BY Cohort