REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Questionnaire - Stiasny_Kolster

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Questionnaire - Stiasny_Kolster - Assessment Variables:

Field Name


Field Values

Variable Summary

rbd_info_source RBD Source Of Information   Source of Information
rbd01_vivid_dreams RBD 01. Vivid Dreams   Vivid Dreams
rbd02_aggressive_or_action_packed_dreams RBD 02. Aggressive Or Action-Packed Dreams   Aggressive or Action-packed dreams
rbd03_nocturnal_behaviour RBD 03. Nocturnal Behaviour   nocturnal behaviour
rbd04_move_arms_legs_during_sleep RBD 04. Move Arms and Legs During Sleep   move arms/legs during sleep
rbd05_hurt_bed_partner RBD 05. Hurt Bed Partner   hurt bed partner
rbd06_1_speaking_in_sleep RBD 06.1 Speaking In Sleep   speaking in sleep
rbd06_2_sudden_limb_movements RBD 06.2 Sudden Limb Movements   sudden limb movements
rbd06_3_complex_movements RBD 06.3 Complex Movements   complex movements
rbd06_4_things_fell_down RBD 06.4 Things Fell Down   things fell down
rbd07_my_movements_awake_me RBD 07. My Movements Awake Me   my movements awake me
rbd08_remember_dreams RBD 08. Remember Dreams   remember dreams
rbd09_sleep_is_disturbed RBD 09. Sleep Is Disturbed   sleep is disturbed
rbd10a_stroke RBD 10a Stroke   stroke
rbd10b_head_trauma RBD 10b Head Trauma   head trauma
rbd10c_parkinsonism RBD 10c Parkinsonism   parkinsonism
rbd10d_rls RBD 10d RLS   RLS
rbd10e_narcolepsy RBD 10e Narcolepsy   narcolepsy
rbd10f_depression RBD 10f Depression   depression
rbd10g_epilepsy RBD 10g Epilepsy   epilepsy
rbd10h_brain_inflammatory_disease RBD 10h Inflammatory Disease Of The Brain   inflammatory disease of the brain
rbd10i_other RBD 10i Other   other
rbd10_nervous_system_disease RBD 10. Nervous system Disease    
rbd_summary_score RBD Summary Score    

Curation Notations:

Calculated: Add 1 point for each response of "Yes" (1) to any of the following variables: DRMVIVID, DRMAGRAC, DRMNOCTB, SLPLMBMV, SLPINJUR, DRMVERBL, DRMFIGHT, DRMUMV, DRMOBJFL, MVAWAKEN, DRMREMEM, SLPDSTRB. Add 1 point if any of the following variables has a response of "Yes" (1): STROKE, HETRA, PARKISM, RLS, NARCLPSY, DEPRS, EPILEPSY, BRNINFM, CNSOTH. If any of the previous variables are missing, then RBD score is missing. Subjects with score >=5 are RBD Positive. Subjects with score <5 are RBD Negative) [Derived_Variable_Definitions_and_Score_Calculations.csv from LONI]

Query Definition
REM_Sleep_Behavior_Disorder_Questionnaire_Stiasny_Kolster table contains any cohort participants

Clinical Data Forms Queried (available as a BigQuery Table and csv File)

SELECT left(participant_id, 2) Cohort, count(distinct participant_id) Count from `amp-pd-research.2021_v2_5release_0510.REM_Sleep_Behavior_Disorder_Questionnaire_Stiasny_Kolster` GROUP BY Cohort ORDER BY Cohort