Contributor Spotlight


B.S., Computer Science

Willy Nojopranoto is a software engineer at Verily Life Sciences, an Alphabet Company and an AMP PD partner.  Over the last 3 years, Willy has been our go-to person for ensuring that AMP PD data is accessible to users on the Terra platform and can be analyzed with the rich assortment of data analytic tools and notebooks that Terra provides.  In addition, Willy was a key contributor to the construction of AMP PD’s RNA sequencing notebooks and QC workflows.  Without Willy, AMP PD data and the Terra platform would not interface; he is our Terra “ambassador” and we are pleased to highlight him here as a critical member of the AMP PD team. 

The AMP PD Team

What is your contribution to AMP PD?

"I've worked closely with Technome on preparing data for AMP PD's releases. This includes developing transcriptomic workflows, developing the proteomics workspace and notebooks, and developing the notebooks made available in the Terra workspaces. I'm also the main developer of the AMP PD Data Explorer. In addition to technical work, I've also worked closely with the scientists in several of the subgroups on working with AMP PD data."

How did you become interested in research relating to Parkinson’s Disease?

"I joined Verily and the Terra team in July 2018 and started working with Matt Bookman (Solutions Architect and Data Working Group co-chair). Matt and Verily had already been working with AMP PD for some time, and were able to introduce me to all the work and research related to Parkinson's Disease. I became immediately interested in the WGS and RNA processing as I had been eagerly looking forward to contributing my coding skills directly to real science."

What is your advice for scientists getting started with PD research?

"Be organized and choose good names :)"

What is something others may not know about you that you would like to share?

"My name is not actually short for William! It is a combination of my parents' names, Wid and Lilly."